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Welcome to Sunflowers Day Nursery

We provide full day care for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. The nursery is open from Monday to Friday throughout the year.

We welcome all children at Sunflowers and encourage them to develop as individuals and live sociably with others, we allow children in our care to enjoy and thrive during their early years and most importantly to provide them with happiness and enthusiasm for the future.

Sunflowers is a fully inclusive setting, the team is committed to the integration of all children with additional needs. We believe children should be given the opportunity to share an environment where encouragement and positive images are consistent and meaningful.

Sunflowers is a purpose built, single floor nursery with large spacious play rooms and is fully wheelchair accessible throughout. The nursery has good quality resources and equipment creating stimulating areas alongside dens and cosy spaces for rest and quiet play ensures children engage fully in our warm, welcoming environment. The nursery has large outside play areas accessed from the play rooms, children have many opportunities to develop in all areas of the foundation stage both indoors and out.

All access and individual needs regarding the physical environment will be met.

Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDco) is Dawn Ashman. Dawn has worked at Sunflowers since 1999 and has been the co-ordinator since 2001. In that time her knowledge and skills have increased greatly due to training and experience gained through the job role it's self. Dawn has supported many families over the years and takes pride in the fact that her and the staff team's support has decreased the stress and strains that families can face when their child/children have additional needs. Dawn can provide many services to families, these are:
  • working with the child/children and family with-in the home (Flying Start)
  • working with the child/children at the setting in small groups providing a nurturing environment. (Nurture Group/Theraplay)
  • Dawn will lead and organise meetings with families and other professionals ensuring the needs of the child and family are met and discussed in one meeting instead of lots of meetings ensuring information is shared together. (Lead Professional)
  • Dawn can help with complicated paper work and form filling ensuring that the correct support is provided. When your child is ready to move onto another setting including school the paper work your child will need will also in place. (Referrals, Targets, Common Assessments, Transitions, Education, Health and Care plans)
The staff team is also very knowledgeable about your child/children. The key person who has built good relationships with the child and families will also attend meetings with you as a support. Staff will tend any specific training for medical needs.  

All key persons will observe their children on a daily basis and record any monitor progress made. If a key person or any other member of staff has cause for concern about any of the children at Sunflowers Day Nursery the following procedure will take place.

The key person will act as an advisor discussing concerns/observations with the manager and the SENDco (special educational needs and Disability co-ordinator) these concerns will then be discussed with parents/carers. Observation and monitoring of the child will begin graduated SEN support may be put in place, Support and Targets will be agreed by parents/carers, the SENDco and Key person. If necessary the SENDco will refer the child to other professionals if concerns continue. At the support package will be reviewed and all professionals involved will contribute to it's content. All issues relating to special needs and Disability are dealt with on an individual basis and in relation to the individual child's needs. Where Care Plans, Interventions or Risk Assessments are required, the Nursery will ensure that all requirements are fully met before the Child can be left in our care. The Nursery commits to making Reasonable Adjustments to support our ethos towards inclusion.

Children with additional needs and their families will be supported fully by the Nursery; we aim to provide a nursery where integration is possible with the assurance of good access, support, expertise, and team work.

Effectiveness of our practices will be reviewed monitored and evaluated using feedback forms and questionnaires, this process will take account of views from Children, Parents/Carers, Staff and other supporting agencies all issues will be addressed by creating action plans to improve.

When your child is leaving our setting either to move to another early Years provider or going on to school information continues to be shared as a team.

A meeting will be organised to share information about your child's needs and hopefully put any anxieties to rest
New key Person/ Teacher will be invited to Sunflowers Day Nursery to meet your child in their familiar environment.
Your child's key person will attend the new setting with your child so that they have a familiar person with them, photo books will be made of the setting including their key person/teacher picture, where they will hang their coats, toilets etc, for your child to look through at home. All relevant paper work will be shared or completed.

We hope that this has given you a small insight to the vast knowledge and skills that the staff Team at Sunflowers Day Nursery can provide you and your child/children. We offer you an open invitation to contact us and discuss your child's needs we look forward to being part of your child's journey.
Every child, with their own mountain to climb